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Collaborations: Delta Development Team APRU Carrier

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At CRO, we are hungry for current data, over the horizon discussions, and future integration of technologies which affect the prehospital medical space. We are working on behalf...

Modernizing Pelvic Binding Devices for Prehospital Medicine

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For many years pelvic binding has been the standard of care in prehospital trauma. Even with the overwhelming supporting data for prehospital pelvic binders, EMS and Military prehospital...

How to Slim Down Your Med Bag

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Without fail, a medic will overfill every bag you give them. Before making a packing list for any bag you must first narrowly define what you are doing...

Working Off Your Body: How to Tier Your Kit

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A general framework of working off your body using our DCR Panel and Hybrid IFAK + a few tips and tricks for utilizing your pockets. A breakdown for operational...

Behind-The-Scenes: Creating Our New Med Bag

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"We started with the JPC carbon fiber back panel, then we measured and got the cubic volume from resuscitative equipment that needed to fit inside. Our driving principle was the external...

Advanced Resuscitative Care… why this is the beginning.

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The Advanced Resuscitative Care (ARC) CPG is the most advanced TCCC update yet. For those who have been paying attention, it marks a milestone in DoD medicine, by...

Six Steps to Setting Up a Walking Blood Bank

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1. You need authorization. Before starting down the road of doing a field blood transfusion you have to have authorization from your medical director and higher command. This...

*New CPG Notes: Damage Control Resuscitation in Prolonged Field Care

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Highlights from the Damage Control Resuscitation in Prolonged Field Care Clinical Practice Guidelines.

REBOA- Past, Present, Future... in light of the new DCR CPG by JTS.

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REBOA   Background:  The concept of aortic balloon occlusion for hemorrhage control is not new. One case series published in 1954 described the use of REBOA in combat....