KILAGRAM™ Assault Medic Bag

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14 Weeks

Larger than the GRAM. Designed as a stand alone aid bag for resuscitating with blood. 

This is a primary aid bag, designed to carry blood for resuscitation in the field. We increased the depth and changed the shape to prevent snags and make up for the increased depth. Can also be cinched down significantly with the side cinch straps which kills the dead space and reduces the profile.

We finally solved the age-old dilemma of incorporating water into the aid bag. There is a 1L bladder sleeve on the back which is surprisingly comfortable when carrying a full bladder. You don't even notice that it's there. Also includes a spot for a Nalgene or trash dump pouch.

This bag was designed for a single unit blood container, specifically a 500ml single unit.

How is this bag different from the GRAM?

  • Larger cubic volume.
  • Only two internal pouches (one of them is a gusseted center zip pouch).
  • Rounded top to make up for increased depth.
  • Side cinch clips to remove dead space. 
  • Dedicated single unit blood container.
  • 1L bladder pouch for incorporating water. 
  • Chest strap. 
  • Adjustable shoulder straps from the top and bottom of strap. 
  • 1L Nalgene pocket or trash dump pouch on the outside.

How is this bag the same as the GRAM?

  • Shoulder straps feed through the shell and connect to the inside carbon fiber insert panel.
  • Inside panel is removable to use as a non-standard bag insert.

Why choose the KILAGRAM over the GRAM? 

  • The GRAM was designed for medics that spread-load gear on belt-setups. The KILAGRAM has enough space to pack out an entire aid bag without the need to run a belt, although we recommend at least having your first 10 mins of treatment on the body. This is convenient for mission sets outside of DA.
  • Both bags zip onto the front of the Sustainment Ruck.
  • If you have questions just hit us up on the chat window or email and we will be happy to talk through it with you. 

Ghost® Material with Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene and Carbon Fiber Composite (in case you were wondering about the price tag). 


  • Waterproof
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Fully decon-able and preferred for CBRNE
  • 250LB Slit Tear Strength