Ankle IFAK

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  • Ankle IFAK
  • Ankle IFAK

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PN: IFAK-A-(color)

Product Description:

Spread-load your consumables and plus up your capabilities with our Ankle Individual First Aid Kit.

If you wear civvies or a suit to work, this is a great option to bring a REAL medical capability to the fight- designed to work with a CAT or SOFTT-W's

The TQ cover is designed to ride on the achilles to flex naturally with your stride and is by far the most comfortable ankle rig out there. 


  • Laser-cut handle for easy removal
  • Elastic retention for all of your MARCH supplies. 
  • CAT Gen 7 Tourniquet cover- able to be tucked for use with any tourniquet.
  • Chest seals can fit into the velcro pocket.